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Oli Silk Satisfies with "All We Need"
By: Shumon Hutchinson
August 31, 2010 
     When it comes to setting a mood and telling an instrumental story, keyboardist/composer Oli Silk has mastered this skill. Born and raised in London, Oli began learning the piano at the age of 11. Perfecting his instrumental craft as well as writing and producing is greatly displayed in his body of work. 

     Oli began his musical career in 2000 with the duo group "Sugar and Silk," which he released two CD’s in the UK and Europe. It wasn’t until he joined forces with Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records that he began circulation and performing in the UK, Europe and the United States as a solo artist.

     And so the revolution began. He had a top 20 radio single in 2006 with the “Easy Does It” track on his first solo CD entitled “So Many Ways”.  And in 2008, the release of his Sophomore solo CD, “The Limit’s The Sky” even furthered his success with his “Chill Or Be Chilled” track landing a #3 spot on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart. 

       Completing his third solo CD, Oli Silk’s “All We Need” released August 31st , 2010. Oli’s keyboard/composer skills are on overdrive in this new CD as he takes you anywhere from sultry to futuristic.   His latest CD has tracks that feature guitarist, Marc Antoine and Cindy Bradley on trumpet. This current release will continue to wow Oli’s followers as well as the smooth jazz community. 

     The CD seems to take you somewhere and Oli himself agreed, “Yes, I want to give people a total experience, a journey from start to finish.”   And I’m sure his listeners will agree, with song titles like “Tokyo”, which is the Cindy Bradley feature and “LA to London: The return journey”, the mixture of melodies and instruments are very soothing to the senses.

     “All We Need”, the album titled song, showcases the keyboard talent that Oli himself admits he pushed himself as a kid to perfect. And it shows throughout his CD, especially with Dwayne “Smitty” Smith on bass and Oscar Seton on drums, the rhythms are smooth and the beats of each track are so one of a kind.   

     “I want to give people something interesting to hold on to” Oli says about his music. Going for vocals on “Didn’t Know About Love”, and a voice intro on “LA to London”, keeps this keyboardist, composer CD diverse. Then there’s the “Latin Haze” track that features Marc Antoine on guitar which is very brassy and funky, but to switch things up, “Get out Claws” is completely smooth and soulful from beginning to end. 

     Oli has got it right with his body of work, creating music that will hold and captivate his listeners. Showcasing feature artists that compliment his music, and creating anticipation with clever song titles that take you exactly where he wants you to go, Oli will continue to impress and satisfy jazz fans internationally and definitely have them coming back for more.








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