Photos By: David Johnson

Date: 08/9 -11/13

Location: Richmond, VA

Copyrights @ 2013 Smooth Jazz Magazine Inc. All Rights Reserved.rious photographs that I'd like to share on the Web.

dsc_5988_small.jpg dsc_6004_small.jpg dsc_6011_small.jpg dsc_6020_small.jpg
dsc_6042_small.jpg dsc_6063_small.jpg dsc_6086_small.jpg dsc_6097_small.jpg
dsc_6122_small.jpg dsc_6124_small.jpg dsc_6126_small.jpg dsc_6132_small.jpg
dsc_6133_small.jpg dsc_6135_small.jpg dsc_6272_small.jpg dsc_6299_small.jpg
dsc_6308_small.jpg dsc_6321_small.jpg dsc_6340_small.jpg dsc_6342_small.jpg
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